Thursday 13 October 2016

Wales - Camping in October

October is not usually that warm here in the UK, especially in Wales, but I had some time booked off work, so packed the tent and headed for Wales

As expected, I was the only one booked into the campsite - just how I like it: quiet:

I'd bought a rather expensive Lee Filter kit earlier in the year, and I would purposely seek out water to try some long exposures. The campsite stream (above) was a prime subject.

 A morning drive out would find this location over the "Ranges". I've been here many times before (even as a child on the family holidays), but this was the first time with a 10 stop ND filter:

An afternoon in Barmouth I got to play with the 10-stop in the sea (not literally). I still think my sea technique needs a little improvement, but the potential is there:


On returning to the car via the harbour, I walked past this and was somehow impelled to turn round to compose this:

Morning mist captured at the campsite:

And later in the day when the morning haze had cleared: