Saturday 23 November 2013

Dudley Zoo

Was invited to accompany my sister and two nephews in a visit to Dudley Zoo - a great opportunity to use the 100-400 L

Sunday 17 November 2013

SORC 4x4 Trial

Shropshire Off Road Club, trialing in Shropshire:

Sunday 6 October 2013

Sandwell Valley

An autumnal walk around the woods

Saturday 28 September 2013

Sandwell Valley

Was pleased to see the Tree Creeper again, not so sure about the Parakeet though.
Tree Creeper
Ring Necked Parakeet

Grey Squirrel

Monday 16 September 2013

Painting With Light

A practical evening at Walsall Photographic Society:

Saturday 31 August 2013

Dog Agility Show

After three evening training sessions, I found myself at an Agility Show. Hard work, tiring but quite rewarding:

Saturday 24 August 2013

Frontera Owner Group - Wood's Weekender

A long bank holiday weekend away with the Frontera Owners Group (and friends) at a private woodland play area.

Saturday 17 August 2013

Pencil Crayons

More experimental photography with off-camera flash:

Friday 16 August 2013

Perseids 2013 meteor shower

Whilst over a couple of weekends I did spot a few meteors, I never managed to capture one on camera.

Although I did manage to capture a "small Bolide" in the above image.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Strawberries III

Last stab at the strawberries, I promise:

Sunday 4 August 2013

MORC & SORC 4x4 Trial

Even though my truck is no longer suitable for trialing, I had the urge for a fix so popped over to the Midland Off Road Club's trial where Shropshire Off Road Club had been invited.

Friday 2 August 2013

Strawberries II

I had some strawberries left over from last night, so tried something a little different:


Thursday 1 August 2013


More experimental off-camera flash photography. this time with strawberries:

Saturday 27 July 2013

Cross Country Motorsport

Round 3 of the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship, in Radnor forest: