Wednesday 31 May 2017

Clent Hills

Another Birmingham Photographic Society outing, this time to the Clent Hills with the idea of taking some landscape photos.

Sadly, the sunset never really awed us, but with a little editing, I thought these worthy of sharing:

Saturday 27 May 2017

Rig Shoot #2

Arranged to meet up with Volvo nut Matt to try out the rig on his Yellow S40.

This was more of a test session, but we came away with some acceptable shots, especially after a little editing:

Saturday 20 May 2017

Rig Shot #1

I've been contemplating getting a car rig for some time... and now I've got one :-)

Within a couple of hours of collecting the 4.5m kit, I had my first photo and within another hour, at another location, I had my second:

I can see this becoming mildly addictive

Sunday 14 May 2017

Dudley Zooalogical Gardens

A Birmingham Photographic Society day trip out to the zoo.

I've been before, but it was great to share experiences and ideas with other photographers.