Photographic History

When, in the 1980's, my father bought a Canon A1 35mm SLR, I was "loaned" his Praktica 35mm SLR on special occasions (holidays, days out with friends, etc.).

Canon AE-1 35mm SLR
Bought 2nd hand in 1988 with a 50mm and a 135mm lens - I later added a Vivitar 80-200 zoom, power winder and tripod.

Olympus C-1000L (850Kpix)
I sold the AE-1 and treated myself in 1999 to my first digital SLR camera

Concord Compact digital camera (3Mpix)
Had the opportunity to by this in 2006 2nd hand - it was cheap but had loads of pixels ;-)

Fujifilm Finepix s9600 (9Mpix)
I bought this (again 2nd hand, but unused) in May 2007 - this is where my interest in photography started, as with a manual setting, I was in control and being digital I could afford to experiment.

Canon EOS 550D (18Mpix)
After some deliberation, I bought this in December 2010 (a Christmas present to myself). The bundled kit included a Canon 18-55 and a Tamron 70-300mm lens, along with a card, bag and flash gun.

This is where my photographic hobby really kicked off and I was soon scouring Ebay for bargains (for "bargains" read "cheap tat"). Screw-in macro/telephoto/wide angle elements are ok to experiment with, but experience now tells me that you can't beat the proper kit. The exception to this latter comment was a Meike battery/timer grip.

Back in the real world, I added a Sigma 17-70 f2.8 and a Canon 100-400 L lens to my arsenal. I learnt about DOF and bokeh with the Sigma and I learnt the need for a mono pod with the 100-400 ;-)

A tripod, another flash and some remote wireless flash triggers would complete my purchases for this camera.

Canon EOS 7D (18Mpix)
The 550D was sold to make way for the 7D, September 2012 (ok, there was a two week overlap when I had two DSLR's).

Although the 7D has the same sensor as the 550D, I now had a bigger camera that sat better in my hands, a more rugged construction and faster operation. I later added the Canon 24-105 L and the Canon 70-200 IS II F2.8 L lens.

Most recent additions have been a couple of light stands (for the flashes) with umbrellas and a flash/light meter.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III (22.3Mpix)
After some serious thought in early 2015, I took the plunge into Full Frame with the 5D3 and added a wide angle 17-40mm lens.

Whilst I still use the 7D for motorsport and wildlife, the 5D3 is used for landscape and "people".