VT250 - Gaydon Volvo/Saab Meet

Once the task of editing the rig-shoot photos from today is completed, you'll find instructions below on how to get a higher resolution un-watermarked version for your personal use.

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Middle Earth Festival

Sarehole Mill, Birmingham

Uruk-hai in training

Custom VW Van

A proffesionally customised VW Transporter Van and it's owner out for a ride:

The light was a little poor (upsetting the camera setting) and my lens was a little dirty (grrr) - Might have to return and re-shoot this concept.

Great fun though - Mark, you are a star.

Video Promo

Was invided to contribute to a promotional video for an upcomming Volvo/Saab event - great to see the behind the scenes filming and partake of a little rig-shot photography.

Old Volvos at Bantock House

Another Volvo Enthusiasts Group were meeting at a local Bantock House in Wolverhampton, so I popped along with the camera. Some fantastic cars: