Monday 17 April 2017

Peugeot Sport Club UK

I've worked with this group before and as I was free, volunteered to take a few photos.

Previously, I'd used a Canon 7D, but on reviewing the previous events photos, I wondered if the 5D3 would work better, as I would need to up the shutter speed and the aperture and thus the ISO.

This setup would also loose me reach with the ideal 70-200 lens, but the recent acquisition of a x1.4 extender should just about compensate.

For the first session, I took my usual spot, in the infield, looking at the apex as what I believe was known as "the Mole Hill" - this would allow a corner shot and a panning shot:

I had with me a CPL (Circular Polarising Filter), which when added to the lens, took out a lot of the reflection of the vehicle's windscreen, although I did loose a little light, the pay-off was I think worth it:

Also managed to hitch a ride for some car-2-car photo opportunities:

A good day our with the Peugeot Sport Club UK

Full album here